Food Journal Analysis

Keeping a food journal is beneficial in learning and maintaining accountability to yourself and your health goals. Our professional food journal analysis includes a comparison of your diet composition to your nutrition goals in addition to personalized feedback for making improvements.* 

Details included in analysis will depend upon the type of food record kept. You may choose to keep a paper record or to use a software program (recommended FREE software application below). Please contact us for more information. You may also purchase this service in my shop.


Personalized nutrition assessment and meal plan are not included in the food journal analysis. Please schedule a nutrition consultation to have your individualized meal plan calculated.

*Prices will not be discounted for days that were not recorded. Days reviewed must be within the time frame specified.

Recommended Software

If you're interested in keeping your food journal electronically, there are many wesites and applications available. I prefer the following application because it's free, has a large database of foods (including restaurant foods) and you can set up your nutrition goals to match what I recommend for your meal plan. However, you are free to choose whichever nutrition program best suits you!

MyFitnessPalAccessible via the Web or Smartphone app; just set up your free account. Completely customizable with an easy to use, large database from which to select foods and exercises. Our diet analysis will include macronutrient and micronutrient comparisons, along with feedback for modifications. We can follow your progress as a “friend” in the community or you may print a complete report of your diary to send to your dietitian. 

When you're getting started on your new meal plan, a food journal can help you make sure you're making progress towards your goals. We are available to review your food journal to make sure you're meeting your nutrition goals and will provide detailed feedback for improvements. Purchase food journal analysis in my shop.

At least one nutrition consultation is recommended (in person or over the phone) before purchasing food journal analysis.