Physicians and Medical Practices

Medical nutrition therapy is a complement to your medical practice as it can enhance your patient's health, quality of life and health outcomes. Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators are integral components in Patient-Centered Medical Homes, the newest trend in healthcare. We can help you integrate the most current, evidence-based science of nutrition into your practice. We'll partner with you and your healthcare team to provide the best care to your patients. Benefits of having an RD in your office:

  • I typically reserve 60-90 minutes with each patient. That's more time providing valuable patient education, but time taken off your plate.

  • Diabetes Self-Management Training, including Medical Nutrition Therapy, reduces A1C by 0.7% (Archives of Medicine). 

  • Liz was a leader in a diabetes education program which yielded an average A1C reduction of 0.8% and weight loss of 8 pounds in patients participating in classes over a three-month time frame.

  • New Medicare guidelines will cover intensive behavioral therapy to treat obesity in primary care offices--we can partner with you and your office staff to provide patients with this valuable benefit.

  • Please contact me for more information, to set up a meeting or to discuss this opportunity. 



RDs working alongside physicians equals healthier patients with improved health outcomes and a better quality of life.

Our dietitians are available to:

  • Work with patients in your office

  • Meet with clients in RDbyyourside's office, upon your referral

  • Provide nutrition classes for your patients.