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Liz Patton, MS, RDN, LD, CDE

Founder and Owner

RDbyyourside Nutrition, LLC

Why I Became a Dietitian

I've always had a passion for science and a love for working with children. I started college with a pre-med major and a goal of becoming a pediatric physician.  That goal changed in an unforgettable moment one summer at Six Flags, of all places, when I didn't even know what a dietitian was. I was waiting for a ride to complete its next run, which was taking unusually long. When I was about to turn away to leave, I saw a young girl, maybe 10 years old, walk up the stairs of the bridge where I was standing.  She was morbidly obese. Her face reflected a saddness like I've never seen in a child's eyes and I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. At the time I believed that she was unable to ride due to her weight. Looking back now, I know that was probably unlikely, but at the time, I had a new mission. I wanted to help children learn about good nutrition to avoid obesity and grow up healthy. From the experience I have now, I know that we also have to help adults do the same. It's really not about the outward appearance of being overweight. It's about the consequences and complications that can result--the danger that's being done on the inside. As of 2010, 1 in 3 children will develop type 2 diabetes due to the extent of obesity in America. 20% of our nation's children and adolescents are overweight or obese. This is preventable. And ten years later, in the face of an epidemic of obesity, I have not forgotten that little girl.
As I think back to my childhood, I realize I was meant to walk this path. My mom tells me I never had a cookie until I was 2 years old. I have fond memories of baking banana bread before I was ten (without supervision!) and trialing recipes from my very first cookbook. I am a foodie at heart, with a great love of all food. Also a scientist, I believe that the best recipes are born from experimentation in the kitchen! I usually don't cook with recipes, but prefer to make new creations by "throwing together" a mix of healthy staple ingredients.  My mission is to help people discover that good food (as in healthy food) tastes good and makes you feel good too. AND it's not difficult.

I've worked in various settings (hospital, outpatient programs, long-term care) and and continue to consult with various companies. I started my own practice, RDbyyourside Nutrition, in 2011 to fulfill my mission of helping adults and children learn what good nutrition is really about. I'm passionate about what I do and aim to build meaningful relationships with my clients. I'm your partner--the RD by your side. In consultations with me and my equally trained and passionate staff, you'll get advice based on the facts that can be realistically achieved.

Visit our blog for ongoing inspiration and support where my goal is to inspire you to let the natural flavors of food shine through.  Healthy, delicious food doesn't have to be difficult.  A little knowledge and planning go a long way. That's what we're here for--to partner with you to improve your health and happiness.